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If you want a comprehensive brow makeover, choosing our services is the best decision. We have a wide range of brow treatments that can best complement the shape of your face. We have brow tints that can darken your brow hairs. Additionally, it can also stain your skin for a more intense look. With our tint treatment and brow wax, you can brighten up your face. Our stylists will not disappoint you to get the best brow shape and eyelash tint.

Our brow tinting service comes with a more custom-mixed tint that can give you the best color. You can choose from blonde, dark brunette, redhead and other shades. Our brow specialists are well-trained to give you the best results of our brow treatment. We understand that every person’s skin and brow are different. That’s why we give you customized services for your brow goals.

We have hot wax and strip wax that can match to your skin. Meanwhile, if you use skin-thinning medication like retinoids or retinol, tell us so we can make a neat tweezed brow for your delicate skin. Our team always want to give you a more customized brow experience to reach your highest satisfaction.

Wax & Tints Before & After
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Wax & Tints Prices
Eyebrow Tint

Our eyebrow tint can be availed at $19. This service comes in different customized colors such as dark brown-black, light brown and more. With our eyebrow tint service, you have the chance to give your brows with extra definition and shape that can make you stand out in the crowd. This brow treatment is ideal for people who have fairer brows who desire to match it in their new lashes.

Eyelash Tint

In a price of $19, you can get an eyelash tint that can enhance your face. It comes with options like jet black and blue-black. Our eyelash tint is perfect for those who have fair lashes. Thus, it can add darkness before the application of the extensions. You can get a discount if you avail it with our eyelash extensions.

Eyebrow Shape

In a cost of only $19, you can have a perfect eyebrow shape. We can trim, tweeze and wax it in a practical price. Meanwhile, we always want to give you a more customized service. So, feel free to give us your suggestion on how to give you beautiful and perfect shape. You can also tell our stylist if you don’t like to use wax. We can only tweeze if you have sensitive brows. Your comfort is important to us, so you can always give us your opinion. 

Complete Brows

Our complete brows service comes at the price of $39. It comes with wax, balance, measure, tweeze, shape, tint, design, and tutorial. Our complete brow makeover comes with a consultation with our senior brow stylist that has 5 years of experience in work. We can offer you with light brow makeup application, color tint/ correction and complete brow reshape.

FAQ's about Wax & Tints

Yes you can – please book it in advance though to allow sufficient time. Please don’t get it done in a salon prior UNLESS you request that they do not, under any circumstances use vaseline or oily makeup removers as this can affect the bonding. We have adjusted our tinting process to not include vaseline or any oily products.





Yes – we have a variety of shades for the palest of blondes, to the darkest brunettes/raven haired. We also offer henna brows if you’re looking for a long-lasting dark brow stain.
Please be aware that lighter shades/tint that’s not left on for very long do not last as long as darker shades. So go with a slightly darker tint if you’re after longevity.





We use sensitive wax, however there are some skin types/various medications which are not so compatible with this service. Please contact us to discuss your options for sensitive skin.









Yes, absolutely! Our brow stylists are very experienced in creating a natural yet neatly groomed brow for gentlemen. Lash and Brow tints are also surprisingly popular with men with paler/blonde to light brown features wanting to ‘awaken’ their face. All of our treatments can be modified so it looks as natural as possible. Henna brows (brushed on, not skin stain) is a popular option for those gentlemen with greying brow hairs they wish to disguise, as henna provides superior grey coverage.





No. Henna is an organic/natural product, tint is not.





Yes – and we often run wonderful specials combing multiple treatments – see our SPECIALS page for details




Yes, however we highly recommend a patch test prior, particularly if you are sensitive to dyes or tints. If you have had a previous allergic reaction to dye or tint, we would not recommend proceeding.

Lash lifting will usually strip out any existing tint – so we recommend tinting afterwards. If they are already tinted, it’s all ok, but we will need to tint them at the end of the lift procedure if you wish them to remain dark/tinted.

We recommend booking with us for this service if you are planning on it – as we do not use any Vaseline or oily products during the tinting process which many generalist beauty salons do (to ensure that the eyelash extensions are able to bond properly!). Most of the time a lash tint is not needed, however if you have pale lashes or are having a lite/half set, then we recommend it!

We recommend taking them out first, it will be much more comfortable.

Not normally, those with very sensitive eyes may experience a slight tingling sensation when we wash it off, but usually it does not sting. 

It will last around 2-3 days on the skin (if you are wanting a skin stain), and a couple of weeks on the hair. Those wanting a deeper/longer lasting skin stain might prefer henna as it is does last significantly longer

Yes – we have a variety of shades for the palest of blondes, to the darkest brunettes/raven haired. We also offer henna brows if you
Please be aware that lighter shades/tint that’s not left on for very long does not last long. So go with a slightly darker shade if you want it to last a little longer.
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