Keratin Lash Lift 
 This innovative, non-damaging treatment lifts and curls the natural lashes whilst infusing them with keratin and biotin for strength. The lift normally lasts 6-8 weeks, sometimes up to 10 – this depends on your skin type. As your lash cycle progresses, the lift grows out/drops gradually over a couple of months. 
Kiwi’s lash lift is the perfect low maintenance pick-me-up – infills are not required, as only your natural lashes are used. It’s best paired with a tint for extra darkness, as your lashes will appear even longer!

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Keratin Lash Lift with Tinting service
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Keratin Lash Lift treatment
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Most lash systems come with a few keratin forms, whether it is an after-lift mascara or nourishing oil. This means that keratin is just a tiny part of the lash lift service. Even a service is not called a keratin lift. It does not necessarily mean that it does not contain a keratin.

When a lash perming service is done faster, and a stronger solution is used, it could lead your hair to get brittle or damaged. So, make sure to choose a salon that uses a formula and procedure designed for safe and professional results, instead of damaging your lashes. 

In the case that you are satisfied and happy with your natural lashes once you curl them and applied with a single coat of mascara, then a lash lift is perfect for you. But, for more drama and customized look, it’s best for you to opt for lash extensions. Just make sure to let a reputable provider do the service to prevent any damage.

Ideally, lash lifts last for about 6 to 8 weeks.

Yes, in the case that you go too soon while your lashes are already lifted. Be aware that it is recommended to undergo lifts every 7 to 9 weeks. Getting lifts every 4 weeks will only cause stress to your hair. Besides, there’s no yet maintenance for lash lifts. However, you can take advantage of a lash oil or conditioner before bed to keep them supple.

Yes, It's safe. You should get the lash lift done after first trimester to avoid any allergic reactions


What are Lash Lifts?

Lift with your own natural lashes.

Our Keratin Lash Lift treatment creates length, volume and lift within minutes. It’s everything you need for the perfect look without mascara and lash curlers when you go to the beach or work out! Also, a great alternative to lash extensions as it enhances what you already have – no strings attached.

Whether you got long lashes or short ones, thick or stubborn, this treatment will create the look of longer, fuller lashes to give your eyes a brand-new makeover. Plus, it’s long-lasting (expect 6-8 weeks) and needs no maintenance. 

We offer lash lift treatment as a standalone process, as well as with additional tinting if you want to up the WOW factor. The combination of the two techniques will bring you a set of long, curly, and thick natural eyelashes you have always wanted.

The results are pretty–wait for it–‘eye-opening’!

Who is most suitable for Lash Lifts?

Most people are good candidates for a lash lift, but Kiwi does not recommend it to anyone who is pregnant or in the first trimester. If you are pregnant, come here. People with skin conditions like blepharitis, eczema, psoriasis, and conjunctivitis in general should avoid Lash Lifter. Consult your doctor first to make sure you don't have a problem.

Why should you make Lash Lifts at Kiwi Lash N Brow?

We are one of the most trusted salons in Auckland and are committed to providing the best lash lift services. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients boost their confidence with lash lifts. Our experts with over 5 years of impressive experience will help you turn your dreams into reality. Experts will clean the eye area and advise you to help you find the right size for you. Ensuring everything is positioned correctly, the keratin lash lifter helps lengthen and curl your natural lashes without damaging them. Your lashes will be curled from root to tip. This process allows you to see the full length of your lashes, creating the look of longer, fuller, and curlier lashes without the need for extensions—that's 100% of your natural lashes. With special techniques and always improving to overcome old blemishes, you will have a natural set of eyelashes that lasts up to 8 weeks. Book now to get the earliest consultation and arrange your schedule.

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 Before & After Lash Lifts

Before & After Lash Lifts

Before & After Lash Lifts

Before & After Lash Lifts

Before & After Lash Lifts

Before & After Lash Lifts

Before & After Lash Lifts

Before & After Lash Lifts

Before & After Lash Lifts

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