More people ask us whether eyeliner tattoo hurts. Eyeliner tattoos are normally performed in a simple or basic style, such as a small dot or a solid line. It can be applied to your entire lid or the lower or upper lash line.

The procedure is fast, simple and painless. A number cream is normally applied to the region before the tattoo procedure. 

Much like regular tattoos, eyeliner tattoos come with a set of guidelines. They are safe if performed by a skilled and reputable aesthetician. Do not simply present your eyes for tattoos to any salon or parlour claiming to be the next big thing in tattoos. 

Like other cosmetic procedures, having eyeliner tattoos also come with some cons, including:

·       Some patients may experience skin allergies or skin reactions to the ink.

·       Sometimes, people may develop a local infection, skin scars, keloids, and granulomas.

·       Due to patient dissatisfaction, imperfect and eyeliner tattoo removal may be difficult, particularly in some delicate eyelid areas.

·       Unsterilized tools may cause infections like HIV and hepatitis. 



What is Eyeliner Tattoo?

Sick of applying daily makeup? Do you want to have a more precise eyeliner line?

Eyeliner Tattoo treatment is for you. It’s a form of cosmetic tattooing, often called semi-permanent makeup, and is performed by our trained technician. We use modern ultra-thin sterile needles and high-quality pigments that don’t turn into unwanted shades over time. 

Our eyeliner tattoo treatment is the perfect solution for thicker, darker lashes and more defined eyes. It’s a makeup that stays put and doesn’t need to be erased every night or carefully matched up every morning. We create the most flattering look for each individual based on their eye shape, eye color, and everyday makeup routine.

Like any tattoo, the semi-permanent eyeliner is expected to slightly fade over time, which is why we recommend yearly touchups, so your tattoo keeps looking fresh and real. Lasts 12-18 months!

We have a wide array of styles to choose from: Baby Lash Line, Winged Tail/Thick Eyeliner, and Mistry Eyeliner.


Who is most suitable for Eyeliner Tattoo?

Those who want to have outstanding eye shape and color without the need for traditional eyeliner because it takes too much time every day. Those who are afraid that their eyelids will be smudged and wet will really benefit from this method.

The Procedure

Your eyeliner tattoo technician will confirm the look and design you want to be done for your procedure. The procedure will start with your eye being cleaned and sanitized with a makeup remover and cotton swab.
A numbing cream will be applied to guarantee a pain-free and comfortable procedure. Your technician will utilize magnifying glasses and gloves for accuracy and hygiene.
Your technician will slowly inject the pigment into your skin through a tattooing needle. They will use a digital tattoo machine and small gauge needles to create fine lines and shadows.
Finally, they will move back and forth over small portions of your lash line to make the pigment fix.

After-Care & Healing

-Normally, there’s no downtime after an eyeliner tattoo procedure. But you must prevent a few cautioner things throughout the healing process (often 7-10 days).

-Avoid doing heavy and intense exercises.

-Avoid swimming in pools and saunas.

-Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes to lessen the risk of bacteria and germs spreading in the area.

-Avoid wearing mascara. It’s full of bacteria and can boost your chance of infection before your skin completely heals.


Why should you make Eyeliner Tattoo at Kiwi Lash N Brow?

We are one of the most trusted salons in Auckland and are dedicated to providing the very best in eyeliner tattooing. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients boost their confidence through their eyeliner. With the latest eyeliner tattooing technique, going to the right eyeliner does not cause skin tension and curvature when exposed, so your eyeliner skin will not be deeply imprinted. High-quality Russian and American tattoo ink at the end of the process will give you beautiful but very natural eyeliner. Stay up to date with the latest eyeliner trends with our team of experts, who can assist you in choosing and advising on the most suitable style for you. Eyeliner tattoo results can last up to three years. Book an appointment now for the earliest consultation and scheduling arrangement.

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