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Microblading and Ombre shading course include kits

Fee: $5000 + GST

4 days training

6 months ongoing online support

I.      Introduction to Microblading and Ombre Shading

II.     Safety and Sanitation

III.    Skin Anatomy and Color Theory

IV.    Equipment and Supplies

V.     Techniques

VI.    Aftercare and Touch Ups

VII.   Business and Marketing

VIII.  Hands-on Practice

IX.    Ertification


I. Introduction to Microblading and Ombre Shading

* Definition and brief history of microblading and ombre shading

* Differences between microblading and ombre shading

* Importance of proper technique and safety measures

II. Safety and Sanitation

* Importance of sanitation and hygiene

* Sterilization techniques

* Client and artist safety

III. Skin Anatomy and Color Theory

* Overview of skin layers and skin types

* Color psychology and color theory

* Pigment selection and color mixing

IV. Equipment and Supplies

* Microblading and ombre shading tools and materials

* Understanding needle types and sizes

* Practice on synthetic skin

V. Techniques

* Stroking techniques for natural hair strokes

* Ombre shading techniques for soft and natural shading effect

* Correcting mistakes

VI. Aftercare and Touch Ups

* Proper aftercare instructions for clients

* Timelines for touch ups and maintenance

* Troubleshooting common issues

VII. Business and Marketing

* Legal requirements and regulations for microblading and ombre shading

* Setting up business policies and procedures

* Marketing strategies and tips

VIII. Hands-on Practice

* Hands-on practice with live models

* Critiques and feedback from instructor

IX. Certification

* Successful completion of course requirements

* Certification for microblading and ombre shading

Note: The course outline may vary depending on the school or instructor offering the course.

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