Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions


 It is available for $99. It comes with 90 up to 100 lashes per eye. These eyelash extensions are more dramatic and thicker compared to our full set. It can give 100% coverage, which makes it perfect for those who have bigger eyes.

The term 2D lashes means that two extensions are placed on one natural lashes

Our Natural Russian Volume eyelash extensions are available at the cost of $139. It comes with 270 up to 300 lashes per eye. This technique is developed in Russia and became popular worldwide. With these volume extensions, you can have slender and lightest fibers that can make a full lash look. We have a professional team that can give you the best Natural Russian Volume that is perfectly customized for you. This volume is ideal for naturalizing damaged lashes since it only put a minimum strain to your natural lashes.

In a price of $169 , it takes for 1.5 hours. You can have about 450 up to 500 lashes per eye. It is the lightest fiber that brings super-full lash look without putting a strain on your natural lashes. It is more attractive than the Natural Russian Volume. It can create a sultry and dramatic allure. It can be ideal for brides and those who want to have a more luxurious lash look.

The Maximum Russian Volume can be up to 900 lashes per eye at a price of $199. It is a long-lasting and slender lash extension that can give you a natural look. Our Maximum Russian Volume set can give you a more dramatic and attractive look. You can wear on various occasions like weddings, dance competitions, and modeling.

Còn Hàng
Wispy Style

Our Wispy Style is available at $219. It comes about 800 up to 900 lashes per eye. Our wispy style trendy extensions come with a lightweight and invisible band to make a strip for secure corners. With our wispy style, you can have a comfortable and natural look.

Còn Hàng
Kim K Style

Our K-Kim Style comes with a price of $239. It is about 800 up to 900 lashes per eye. If you want a more dramatic look that stands out, our K-Kim Style is the best option.