Brow Lamination

What is eyebrow lamination? 

Eyebrow lamination is a relatively new procedure that focuses on creating shiny, smooth brows. Also sometimes called an “eyebrow perm,” the high-shine effects tend to be sought after by those who may be experiencing thinning or unruly brows. Unlike microblading, needles and coloring are not involved.

As a semi-permanent procedure, eyebrow lamination may also be a good fit if you want to keep your brows styled a certain way but are tired of using eyebrow gel every day. You will need to repeat the process at some point in the future to maintain your results, and there are risks involved. Read on to learn everything else you need to know about this trend.

Brow Lamination Before & After
Brow Lamination Before Brow Lamination After
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Brow Lamination

Shape & Brow Lamination

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Shape, Brow Lamination & Tint

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