Please read these instructions carefully and follow them to make sure that you will have and will maintain your perfect looking microblading eyebrows.

Before the microblading procedure

  • Don’t tint or wax your eyebrow three days before the treatment
  • Don’t take Vitamin E or fish oil one week before because there are natural blood thinners
  • Don’t have Botox three weeks before
  • Don’t use any type of peel or facial two weeks before
  • Stop using Vitamin A or any retinol products one month before
  • Don’t use sunbeds or sit in direct sunlight two weeks before
  • Don’t wax, tweeze, pick or have electrolysis one week before

During the day of the procedure

  • Don’t take ibuprofen or aspirin 24 hours before
  • Don’t drink coffee two hours before
  • Don’t drink alcohol 24 to 48 hours before your appointment

After the procedure

  • Apply a small amount of rosehip or coconut oil to every brow in morning and night
  • Don’t use any cleansers that have exfoliants or acids
  • Wash the eyebrows gently each morning and night with antibacterial soap and water. Make sure every soap is washed away and dry by patting it with a tissue. Doing this will not eliminate the pigment.

Things to Keep in Mind after the procedure

  • Always use a clean pillowcase
  • Do not use skincare or any makeup on your brows until they are healed
  • Stay away from swimming for ten days
  • Prevent long steamy showers for ten days
  • Stay away from direct sunlight for four weeks
  • No peels, botox, and facials for four weeks
  • Prevent yourself from pick
  • Prevent doing exercises for one week

Take note that your eyebrows are not completed until the second session is performed

For more details of Kiwi Lash N Brow microblading eyebrows procedures please click the link below:

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