Kim K Style Eyelash Extensions

Kim K Eyelash Extensions are a trending style of lash extensions inspired by Kim Kardashian. This style of lash extension is becoming more and more popular around the world. The style offer from 350 to 400 lash extensions per eye, giving you a noticeable different lash look. At Kiwi Lash N Brow, we are proud of our lash extension experience and professional service. You can count on us to get you the best Kim K style lash extensions. Let us enhance the beauty of your lashes today by booking for an appointment with our lash specialist. 

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Kim K Style Eyelash Extensions

Kim K Style Eyelash Extensions

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FAQ’s about Kim K style eyelash extensions

What is the difference between silk, mink and flat/cashmere eyelash extensions?

One of the questions we’re asked regularly about eyelash extensions is about the difference between silk and mink eyelash extensions. Having used these materials for years, we’re very familiar with the features of each material and why you might choose one over the other. You don’t have to worry about choosing which material at your appointment – your lash stylist will be more than happy to assess your lashes and recommend a material for you. All of our lashes are vegan and cruelty-free!

Here’s a little rundown on each type:

Silk eyelash extensions: A man-made fibre with a matte/natural black finish. We use silk lashes in all of our volume sets because due to their texture as they fan out better than faux-mink.

Faux-mink lash extensions: At Lady Lash, we’re against animal cruelty, which is why we do not and never will use real mink fur for lash extensions. Not only this, real mink will not hold it’s curl once wet. We use faux-mink man-made fibres designed to imitate real mink fur. They are very glossy and black in colour and slightly finer.

Flat eyelash extensions: These are a relatively new innovation in lashes – with flat lashes, the cross section of the extension is flatter or more oval in shape than traditional eyelash extensions. This means they provide a thicker, more made-up look without any extra weight (each fibre appears wider, but doesn’t weigh more than a regular extension). Flat lashes are better for those who like a glamourous, darker look. Flat just refers to the cross section of the lash fibre, not the curl. They come in all the same curl types as other lashes.

Can I swim/shower/ get my eyelash extensions wet?

Yes. This is one of our favourite things about eyelash extensions – you can have pretty eyes when you wake up, straight out of the shower, and even out of the pool! If you’re swimming in water that is chlorinated or salty, splash your extensions with fresh water afterwards or cleanse them with our LashGame Foaming Cleanser. Avoid detergents, oily soaps and eye-rubbing and your lashes should last well. Try to pat them dry gently.

Are hybrids suitable for weaker lashes?

Hybrids are a great choice for those with weaker lashes looking for a fuller, textured look without committing to our volume sets. The hybrid set blends ultralight lash fans with classic lashes, allowing extensions to be attached safely to weaker, slender lashes. Our lash stylists will tailor your hybrid set to the safest length and thickness for your natural lashes. If you’re looking to strengthen your natural lashes for extension wear, we also carry a fantastic lash serum, Eyenvy in all salons!

Please note: we recommend that clients with weak or damaged lashes book in for standard hybrid sets. Fairly strong lashes are needed to retain a MAX hybrid look.

I like my hybrid lashes, but I think a thicker look might be better. What are my options?

If you’re looking for a high-impact lash set, look no further than standard hybrid’s ‘big sister’ set – our MAX hybrid, which uses larger lash fans for 20% more lash coverage. The MAX hybrid set is fabulous for events or those interested in a luscious, Kardashian-esque look. For comparisons between the standard and MAX hybrid sets, check out our extensive galleries.

How are hybrid lashes different from volume lashes?

Volume sets are made entirely of (appropriately named) volume fans, which are feather-light fans consisting of 2-5 lashes. Hybrid sets also feature these handmade fans, but mix them with classic lashes for a more textured look. Hybrid sets are like the sassy cousin of volume – volume sets tend to feature a smooth line of lashes, whereas hybrid sets tend to look less uniform, for a ‘just rolled out of bed’ type of glam. Hybrids are available in a number of styles, which are customised for your natural lashes. The staggered hybrid style, where shorter and longer lengths are blended together, is one of the most in-demand lash looks right now at Lady Lash.

Can anyone use eyelash extensions?

Almost everybody can use eyelash extensions to increase the appeal and look of their eyes. The difference will be instant – your eyes will look sparkly and refreshed immediately! As the glue is applied directly to the eyelash and does not touch the skin, there is very rarely any issue with allergic reactions.

How do you remove eye makeup when wearing eyelash extensions?

You must use an oil-free, glycol-free, lash-safe makeup remover – oil-based removers will damage the lash adhesive and can make eyelash extensions fall off prematurely. Lady Lash has sourced some high-quality makeup removers specifically formulated for eyelash extensions and we’ve even made our own lash-safe cleanser, LashGame Foaming Shampoo. Please DON’T use micellar water, makeup wipes, baby oil or baby shampoo to remove your makeup – these contain oils, with makeup wipes usually snagging and pulling on your extensions. Once you’ve removed using makeup remover, cleanse with a lash-safe foaming lash cleanser. Please be gentle – they are fragile when wet – don’t rub them firmly, they need gentle cleansing to last well!

Can I wear eye makeup with my eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can – as long as it oil-free and very low in glycol/glycerin. These ingredients attack the glue, loosening the lash bond and causing extensions to fall. We’d recommend:

Liquid/pen liner (oil-free, of course) – gel liner tends to stick in the roots of the lashes and is tough to remove. We stock great, tested products here

Powder-type eyeshadows are fine – check the ingredients list of liquid/stick eyeshadow for glycol and glycerin, as sometimes these products are snuck in!

To avoid using mascara if possible – this product causes the extensions to clump together, and often contains oils to weaken the glue bond on your lashes. Especially waterproof mascara! If you are intent on wearing mascara, Lash Lady stocks Max2 Volume Up mascara made specifically for use on eyelash extensions. To get the best out of your extensions and mascara, just apply the product to the very tips of your lashes and avoid the roots.

PLEASE DON’T use mascara on volume or hybrid lashes – regardless of which brand you use, mascara makes volume fans snap shut. This means your lashes will look clumpy and stick together. We will not be able to infill volume lashes that have had mascara applied to them.

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Who Suit for K-Kim Style Set of eyelash extensions?

If you want a more dramatic look that stands out, our K-Kim Style is the best option. If you have high standards for your eyelash extensions needs, the K-Kim style is for you.